Our schools has from Play Group to 9th. This school is started in the memory of Shri Ramratan Agarwal & Shri Bhuwnesh Kumar Agarwal. The School has well educated and dedicated committee members. This progressive institution runs in town, in source of instigation and of the regional public.

We at RBPS aim at educating the children by giving them a sense of their own worth as persons and by enabling them to become women of competent and instilling in them gospel values specially love and compassion.

We channelise our resources to make our student leaders of tomorrow with a deep sense of commitment to society, who will bring about a transformation in society through their efforts to uplift all sections specially the oppressed classes such as women and dalits.

Which will not only nature and provide good quality education to its educations but also makes them feel at home , because this institutions but also makes them feel at home , Because this institution with a difference others.

"Children, teachers, parents and community are interactive and work together. RBPS focuses on each child in relation to others and seeks to activate and support children's reciprocal relationships with other children, family, teachers, society, and the environment." In a nutshell, our approach articulates children to acquire skills of critical thinking and collaboration, in a specially designed educational park.

In fact, RBPS is all about teaching young children to reach their world where they always love to be. Neither does it involve investing huge sums of money nor has it extended break-even periods.

Pursuing the venerated heritage of tradition and modernity, RBPS is proud to be the centre of modern education in MAHOBA Division and a major force behind the drastic changes in the standard of education to provide mental, social, physical and spiritual support that the future citizens need.

RBPS holds the credit of being the first school in Mahoba Division to have Hi-tech classrooms. RBPS positively holds the flag to a bright and resplendent future.Teaching does not need to be limited to textbooks and blackboards. With our fun school activities for kids, learning in school becomes an interesting and enjoyable exercise.


"Illuminating intelect with high immortality." Our Motto is to illuminate our student intellects. Also lead them from untruth from Darkness to light so that they are able to achieve their goal in the ray of immortality.