One of the most crucial and defining factor concerning the competency of a school campus is its Infrastructure. This is simply because the layout of the pre school construction and the various facilities that it provides invariably decides the effectiveness of its curriculum

Digital Monitoring:-

@ The total work of the school is monitored by a team. Perfect work is provided with the help of CCTV installed in all the class rooms, corridors and play grounds.

Spacious Classrooms:-

@ Every Classroom is spacious and well equipped with LCD/DTS and multimedia system.

Dance Class (Steps & Rhythm):-

@ Dance is a part of the curriculum of the school. Every child is extended with a chance to excel themselves if they have a slight interest in dance. Dance school is also run for the benefit of the students after school hours.

Hi-tech Library:-

@ A modern library managed by a qualified librarian is the integral part of our school. Library is equipped with English and Hindi periodicals, reference books and a good variety of fictions and literary works of famous authors.


@ Our laboratories are modern. Separate laboratories are set for Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Computer, Mathematics and Social Studies. Creative Circle [Art & Creative Study Lab] is an added feature of the school. Every Lab is managed by qualified teachers. Lab assistants help every activity in the labs. Our Math Lab creates an environment for student-centric explorative (learning by doing). It inculcates learning through 'Applied Reasoning'.

:: Details of Infrastructure ::